Day of the Dead - Halloween 2015
by Eerie Elegance

Harvest moon above the decorated graveyardFor Halloween this year, Eerie Elegance is inspired by the uniquely beautiful and creative Mexican traditions of Dia de los Muertos for our own Day of the Dead celebration! See a "live" mariachi band sing and play for their ghostly ancestors in a joyous graveyard celebration lit by hundreds of flickering candles below a glowing harvest moon! Designed for children of all ages, this show will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Moon & Mariachis de MuerteIf you want scares this Halloween look elsewhere, but if you want laughter and amazement come join us!

Watch the "Mariachis de Muerte," an animatronic mariachi band of skeletons, serenade and tell humorous stories about their beloved ancestors.

Ghost appearing in the graveyard See each ancestor wake and rise from their grave to greet their friends.

Take in the entire spectacle, including a festively-decorated graveyard with hand-carved tombstone ofrendas, marigold flowers everywhere, and Ghost and moon among hundreds of flickering candlesfun epitaphs, lit by almost 300 candles. Shows run every 20 minutes on the hour. Watch the countdown on a large, dynamic image of the moon floating above the graveyard.

The show is free of charge to all. If you would like to show your appreciation for the band, you're welcome to toss some coins into Ricardo's guitar case. All proceeds will be given to the Eerie Elegance Trick or Treat for UNICEF Fund.

Shows run every 20 minutes on the hour on these days:

Thursday October 29th 7-10pm
Friday October 30th 7-10pm
Saturday October 31st 6-10pm
Sunday November 1st 7-10pm

2532 Rose Way
Santa Clara CA 95051

(near Homestead & San Tomas Expressway)

We rarely repeat our displays, so this is probably the only time you will ever be able to see the Mariachis de Muerte perform "live." Don't miss it!

Can't come to the show? Watch the live webcam broadcast here! (no audio)

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